About us

Tina Omorogbe took the cumbersome journey from Nigeria to Hamburg in the mid-1990s to offer a better perspective and its growing family. She knew that the way to Germany would not be easy.

Over the past 20 years, Tina and its four children have built up a successful life in Hamburg, which is why it is possible to realize Tina's dream with Mama T's Afroshop.

Tina Omorogbe is not just the face of the store, but also leads him and is supported by all your children, which makes the shop a real family business. Every child has its own area of ​​responsibility, which allows harmonious cooperation under Mama Tina's leadership.

In Mama T's Afro-Shop the family comes first. But not only family Omorogbe, but all African families who are far away from their homeland and still want to feel good in Germany.