Über uns (Englisch)

Tina Omorogbe took on the arduous journey from Nigeria to Hamburg in the mid-90s to offer herself and her then growing family better opportunities. She knew that the way to Germany would not be easy

In the past 20 years, Tina and her four children have built a successful life in Hamburg, which is why it is now possible to turn Tina's dream into reality with Mama T's Afro-Shop

Tina Omorogbe is not only the face of the store, but also runs it and receives support from all her children, making the store a true family business. Each child has their own area of responsibility, which ensures a harmonious collaboration under Mama Tina's guidance.

In Mama T's Afro-Shop the family comes first. However, not only family Omorogbe, but all African families who are far away from their mother country and still want to feel at home in Germany.