Mama t charity

We are very grateful for the opportunity to give our African community a piece of home with our products.
Nevertheless, we do not forget what is still difficult in some places in Africa nowadays. Especially for children who have no families.

Unfortunately, many children without families are still growing up today and live on the streets.

Our Afroshop not only claims to be a successful company, but also to give something in need of people and our mother countryto make better and supportWhere it is needed

We are currently building an orphanage in Lagos that is self -financed by us "family Omorogbe". The street on which the orphanage is located is named in "Mama T Street", so they have
Children also refer to the support. There will be a school class in the orphanage where education is promoted so that the children get better chances for their future.
Shortly, part of our sales from the "Afroshop Mama T" will be incorporated into the orphanage every month.

Would you like to contribute something and support our orphanage in building? Every single contribution is valued and significant.
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  • In Lagos (Nigeria) there are approximately 100,000 orphans that have fled from domestic violence, abuse, poverty and broken family relationships.
  • About 66 out of 100 children have the opportunity to attend a school.
  • Most of the children who live on the street have only a chance of survival by begging or thefts

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